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Ekoyol Ekoseal 21 asphalt pavement, Polymer Composite Micro Coating (PCMO) new asphalt pavements produced and serviced by Ekoyol Construction Industry and Trade Inc. (please see www.eko-yol.com), our distributor, It is a durable coating surface designed for asphalt that has been damaged due to exposure to factors such as UV, chemical and oil. It protects the surfaces to which they are applied and protects against UV It is produced to make it resistant to rays. The US Department of Defense Airport Departments, the Federal Aviation Administration AAS-100 Airports Asphalt Unit, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Environmental Program Design, the Highways, and other official organizations in the field.

Network marketing distributor of this product in 3 countries except Turkey it is kept very broad. As a result of market surveys made according to the countries, requests are made for the fields determined by our Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan Dealers.


* Asphalt roads, shoulders, taxiways or tracks Parking areas
* High-oxidation asphalt pavements
* Concrete bridge tops
* Locations where high coefficient of friction is required

Eco-Road "Eco Seal 21" Asphalt Coating Features and Benefits:
High coefficient of friction Practice in a short time
Aesthetic Adhesion to asphalt and concrete
Chemicals, oils, fuels, etc. resistant Cost effective
Quick sitting No level transition issues
No smell or tracking problems No need for plumbing
100% environmentally friendly  
Eco-Seal PCMO® has the safety and the desired shear resistance values that can be used in every road in the world.